Owl Studio

Since January 2018, I’ve been running the Owl Studio – an art studio located at Plac Ratuszowy 4/31 in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

Protected by the Owl, a symbol of wisdom, the place is a creative work space and place of power, as well as a therapeutic space with unique decor and ubiquitous art. The place fosters the creation of symbolic and magical artwork, and hosts various events. So far, I have conducted eleven art workshops for adults and twelve cyclical events, such as the Music Owl and Women’s Circles. We have also hosted two exhibitions and a poetry evening.

Every now and then I take part in Open Door Days, during which I invite guests and show them around the studio, talking about art and what inspires me. In this way I can familiarize the Bielsko-Biała citizens with the work of an artist, show them my workshop, discuss the painting techniques I have chosen and share with them the process of creating a work of art.