About me

Izabela Ewa Ołdak – artist of fine arts & art curator (Dutch Art Institute in Enschede and Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań). A woman of power, an enthusiast of shamanic and esoteric practices both in theory and in practice; traveler, researcher, follower of living in harmony with Nature and gaining knowledge through contact with it. On a daily basis she runs the artistic studio Sowa Studio in Bielsko-Biała, where she creates mystic-symbolic paintings and intentional tattoos; organizes exhibitions, concerts and art workshops. Moreover, she runs Circle Gatherings, drum journeys and the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

I live to create, I create to live.

I express myself in various media like: painting, mix-media,  performance, music and tattooing. I also work as a freelance curator. I was an initiator and a curator of “Beyond Time/ Poza czasem” international art residency program, made in collaboration with Bielska BWA Gallery in Bielsko Biała in Poland (2011-2017).

In my artistic research and practice I am referring to the roots of Arts, which I see in transcendental experiences and magic. There were times when human life was connected to the natural environment and when the Arts were considered spiritual, magical, a secret language used in many rituals and rites. It has been associated with the exploration of the soul and the secrets of Nature, the beginning of taming the world, and to personalize and spiritualize the human as an individual. I believe that with knowledge of the past, comes understanding of the present. Therefore in order to discover the essence of creation and the primal role of an artist I found it necessary to go back to its roots. – Izabela Ewa Ołdak