This post will be about drums. As you know I am journeying with the drum to travel to all the three world, I also paint the surfaces of the drums for the others. 
Looking from the Siberian perspective the drum is the most important part of the shaman’s equipment, it should also be included in every family, even if no one of them is a shaman. The drum is not an object, but a living creature, mount and closest helper of the shaman. Revitalizing the drum is a separate ritual. During this rite, sacrifices were made and feasts were shared. Each participant beat the drum for at least a quarter of an hour, at the end it was done by the shaman falling into a long trance by recreating the motives of hunting for the animal from which the drum was made. In some tribes, the drum was blessed with vodka or blood. In the end the drawings were applied to it. These were the signs and symbols that most often represented the tripod of the world, or only the lower and upper world to which the shaman enters during the shamanic state. They add also signs related to the family from which the shaman originated.
Hitting individual drawings brought specific results, e.g. hitting the upper part the shaman invoked power. The symbol of the cross often symbolizes the four sides of the world or the “navel of the world”, showing that the shaman performs rites in the middle of all things. The center is the point where the lines of power converge, because the ritual is the meeting place of opposing powers, thus necessarily becoming the center of the world. The inner side of the drum was also decorated. In this zone, you can often find images of the shaman, his family and animals who protect them. The drum handle often had a carved image of the host-spirit of the guardian drum (long-dead shaman’s ancestor) and snakes. Ornaments, metal rings and symbols representing various functions were also hung on it.
Also important is the drumstick, often made of reindeer or deer antlers, with skin stretched into one part of it. The flat part of the stick was richly decorated, sometimes even metal rings were attached so that the playing was always accompanied. Some shamans have one stick to enter the upper world and another to descend into the lower world. If the shaman’s drum was a horse, the stick was a whip to rush it. The drumsticks had also magical powers and were used for divination. The result depended on which side the stick will fall.
Drums I offer you can find here.


“One of the most powerful aspects of drumming and the reason people have done it since the beginning of being human is that it changes people’s consciousness. Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, the brain and the nervous system are energized and transformed. When a group of people play a rhythm for an extended period of time, their brain waves become entrained to the rhythm and they have a shared brain wave state. The longer the drumming goes on, the more powerful the entrainment becomes. It’s really the oldest holy communion.” ~ Layne Redmond.

The drums I offer are made out of a deer skin made by my friend, painted by me, so they contain male and female energy. The skin of a deer give very strong sound and bass. The tension is also made of leather, which means that the drum is tuned with heat or moisture. If the drum gets too much moisture from the environment we can heat it near the fireplace or the heater, and if it is too hot and the drum makes high sounds, we can lower the tone by wiping the back of the drum with bit of water. We don’t untangle anything and we don’t tie anything up.  The drum stick is included, also made of leather, so it is bit hard, if you want to soften it you may wrapped it with a piece of fur and cloth.

Each drum is unique, it carries its own story and intention. If I paint drum for special order, the images are a representation of the client’s intentions and needs. 

Drum diameter 40cm, deer skin, cost 300€ / 350$

Drum diameter 50cm, deer skin, cost 350€ / 400$

EU delivery 25€ US shipping 100$ (FedEx).

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am an artist walking on shamanic path. My adventure with art begin long, long ago in my childhood and it directed my education and occupation. Shamanic path started 13 years ago, when I went to an Olchon Island on the Baikal Lake in Siberia. This two paths merge, and now I use both skills to make art, tattoos and shamanic workshops and gatherings.

Six years ago I started to paint over drums, so they can help to connect the owner to the spirits and to get to the shamanic state. The images are made in different styles, filling mine or clients visions.

Looking from the Siberian perspective the drum is the most important part of the shaman’s equipment, it should also be included in every family, even if no one of them is a shaman. The drum is not an object, but a living creature, mount and closest helper of the shaman. The drum often carry many spirits, starting from those from which it is made of (the spirit of the tree and animal) Spirits painted on the drum, and those who are being invited at rituals and ceremonies. The drum may also catch  spirits from someone or somewhere. 

Shamanic journey you may achieve by drumming in speed of 200-220 hits per minute for minimum 15 minutes. You may visit Lower World, Upperworld and our, Middle World. You can use the drum to heal, to expand, to find your Animals of Power, or to find soul pieces. 

I wish you beautiful journeys to the unknown.