I use only natural henna and I am making the past myself.  It is important to know that natural henna is ALWAYS brown!

Henna stays on the body for 5 to 7 days, after that it begins to fade. Its color will be the most intense 24 hours after application. The length and durability of henna depends on the type of the skin and the care of the tattoo. Henna stains the epidermis, so any washing and scrubbing will wipe the pattern faster.

I came across henna 10 years ago while traveling in Morocco and on a later trip to India. Traditionally, Mehendi was applied on hands and feet for a wedding and at the beginning of pregnancy. Painted symbols were intended to attract happiness, love, wealth, wisdom and to protect against eg the “evil eye” or from evil spirits.

As I have been always fascinated by pattern and ornament, as well as symbols and their meaning, this form of body decoration quickly became one of my favorites.

I don’t use a template, I let my creative gift to guide me. Of course, sometimes I reach for symbols of power or other protective signs, adding them to the whole ornament. Sometimes I use also Jagua, a navy blue dye derived from the American Genipa fruit. It is much more expensive than henna but also more durable, with a very characteristic blue color.