Izabela Ewa Ołdak

Artist, painter, tattooer, visionary, initiator and curator of “Beyond Time” art residency program. Author of exhibitions, performances, workshops and cultural events in the country and abroad. She creates intent tattoos, paints symbolic-magic paintings, mandalas and Sacred Geometry.


A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań and the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede. An artist whose talent extends to many spheres of art from painting and site-specific projects through music to tattoo. A woman of power, passionate about shamanic and esoteric practices both in theory and in practice; traveler, researcher, believer of living in harmony with Nature and gaining knowledge through contact with it. On a daily basis, he runs the Sowa Studio art studio in Bielsko-Biała, where she creates mystical and symbolic images and intentional tattoos; organizes exhibitions, concerts, art workshops and Circle Gatherings.


It is my artistic studio and a place for workshop, spiritual and social activities, which is patronized by Sowa- The Owl a symbol of wisdom and initiation.

It is a space open to various cultural events: artistic workshops, exhibitions of visionary artists and music events. Initiations and philosophical disputes are carried out at Circle Gatherings.

The unique space of the Sowa Studio studio offers:


I think art is a spiritual experience. It leads to closeness with the Source of creation, develops the inner world and intellect. That is why my artistic path intertwines with spirituality. I conduct the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and Circle Gatherings. I work with  Animals of Power, drums and Tarot.


The offer includes paintings, drawings, miniatures, tattoos, painted drums, artistic jewelry and art or spiritual workshops. Everyone can find something for themselves!