Hello everyone, thank you for accepting me in the group.
I would like to introduce myself briefly. I am an artist, a visionary painter and tattooer walking on a shamanic path for 10 years now. I am living in south of Poland, in the mountains area. My shamanic name given me by Keith Chiefmoon is ” The Mountain Forest Lady”.
My art is a manifestation of high vibration and purity of my intentions in connection to the Source of all Creation.
In my artistic research and practice I am referring to the roots of Arts, which I see in transcendental experiences and magic.
There were times when human life was connected to the natural environment and when the Arts were considered spiritual, magical, a secret language used in many rituals and rites.
It has been associated with the exploration of the soul and the secrets of Nature, the beginning of taming the world, and to personalize and spiritualize the human as an individual.
I believe that with knowledge of the past, comes understanding of the present. Therefore in order to discover the essence of creation and the primal role of an artist I found it necessary to go back to its roots.
Through this process I have learned that we are divine beings, connected to all life forms, and our purpose is to reveal an embody our true nature. To live in harmony with Nature and to gain knowledge through contact with the spiritual side of it.
My dream is to rise consciousness of humanity, and go to another level of our existence – the Golden Era.
In my paintings, so as during my tattoo sessions, workshops, drum journeys, Circle gatherings, and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (Inipi), I am spreading this knowledge, inspiring and awakening.
In this group I would love to share some of my paintings and shamanic drums that I also paint.