In my studio, I am making also medallions with reproductions of my paintings, as well as hand-painted mandalas with Four Elements, Kosmos and Moon.

Medallion with reproductions of my favorite paintings consists of:
– fittings in brass or silver with a diameter of 28 to 48 mm
– magnifying slides with a diameter of 25 to 38 mm
– reproduction of a painting
– a strap or a chain with a clasp

The medallions have different prices. If you like some, do not hesitate to contact me. Please remember only UE shipping is available. 

The Mandalas of the Element of Air, Fire, Water and Earth are painted by me in dot style on wooden discs with the intention of strength of the particular element.

A 6 cm diameter medallion costs 15€, and a 5 cm medallion costs 10 €.  If you would like to make an order please contact me. Remember only UE shipping is available.

Necklaces and earrings with the Moon are painted on both sides with acrylic on wooden rings with dimensions from 6 to 4.5cm.