Available drums

The drums I am saling are made out of deer skin made by my friend, painted by me, so they contain male and female energy. The skin of a deer give very strong sound and bass. The tension is also made of leather, which means that the drum is tuned with heat or moisture. If the drum gets too much moisture from the environment we can heat it near the fireplace or the heater, and if it is too hot and the drum makes high sounds, we can lower the tone by wiping the back of the drum with bit of water. We don’t untangle anything and we don’t tie anything up.  The drum stick is included, also made of leather, so it is bit hard, if you want to soften it you may wrapped it with a piece of fur and cloth.

Each drum is unique, it carries its own story and intention. The images are often a representation of the client’s intentions and needs. 

Drums diameter 50cm, deer skin, solid string, stick included, price 320€ / 380$.

Drums diameter 40cm, deer skin, solid string, stick included, price 255€ / 300$.

plus EU delivery 25€ US shipping 100$ (FedEx) 

Preferred PayPal or Revolut.

More about the drums you will find here.