I am an artist walking shamanic path. My adventure with art begin long, long ago in my childhood and it directed my education and occupation. Shamanic path started ten years ago, when I went to an Olchon Island on the Baikal Lake in Siberia. This two paths merge, and now I use both skills to make art, intentional tattoos and shamanic workshops and gatherings.

Two years ago I started to paint over the drums, so they can help to connect the owner to the spirits and to get to the shamanic state. The images are made in contemporary style and filling mine or the clients visions.

Looking from the Siberian perspective the drum is the most important part of the shaman’s equipment, it should also be included in every family, even if no one of them is a shaman. The drum is not an object, but a living creature, mount and closest helper of the shaman. The drum often carry many spirits, starting from those from which it is made of (the spirit of the tree and animal) Spirits painted on the drum, and those who are being invited at rituals and ceremonies. The drum may also catch  spirits from someone or somewhere. 

Shamanic journey you may achieve by drumming in speed of 200-220 hits per minute for minimum 15 minutes. You may visit Lower World, Upperworld and our, human World. You can use the drum to heal, to expand, to find your Animals of Power or to find pieces of your soul. 

I wish you beautiful journeys to the unknown.

On the pictures below you can see some of the drums that I have painted. It began with a collection painted with henna. Then there was a colorful collection of psychedelic patterns, a collection with Animals of Power and a gold & black collection made in dotwork style.