The rattle is one of the easiest, quickest, and most powerful helper we have for calling the Spirits, which is the most basic of the shaman’s work.
Shamanic rattles are filled with power and at the same time act as power antennae. In many parts of the world they are used together with drums, and in Siberia they are often built into the drum or drumstick. It is one of the most important helper in the shaman’s kit.

If you are in shamanic path you use rattle to go to, or call to, the world of the Spirits to ask for help, power, healing, knowledge or wisdom.

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I use the rattle for ceremonies, for the journeys, and recently rattle is my tool in soul retrieval practice. 
I also use the rattle or the drum to open the Circle, I invoke the four (cardinal) directions and shaking the rattle four times, calling to the Spirits of that direction, asking them to come and help me, or be present in that ritual. Together with this forces I call up the elements and my Animals of Power.

We can use the rattle for cleaning the aura, after we smudge with sage, we may also shake the rattle allover our body expanding our energy field.

In the sweat lodge ceremony in the gate of South and the Fire element I have an amazingly big rattle (like a Tarot wand) to take over our “old skin”, as preparation to our new born body.

This tool give us many possibilities. Sa soon as you will get to know it and becoming friends with your rattle, you will find that it has many aspects. You can start to explore its healing powers and potentials, and just let yourself to be guided by its spirit.