There is a lot of false information about Tarot, as well as fear mixed with fascination and curiosity. At the meetings with cards I organize, as well as during individual sessions, I dispel these doubts, emphasizing the symbolic and archetypal value of the Tarot cards.

Each of us, at various stages of our lives, enters certain archetypes (character patterns), which become a source of knowledge and behavior. We often hear about archetypes in psychology because this concept was created by Carl Gustaw Jung. Nevertheless, some kind of symbols and patterns have been present in our culture since the dawn of time. A rich collection of these archetypes can be found, among others, in Tarot cards. They are a treasury of knowledge about ourselves, about the way of life, about the elements, temperaments and life situations in which we can find ourselves.

Cards to me are always a starting point for discussion, they help to explore the hidden and the subconscious. For me, this is a signpost and the basis for working on myself and further discoveries on the road to enlightenment.

Online sessions are also available. For more information do not hesitate to contact me.