Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual and healing traditions of mankind. Its roots lie at the bottom of each of the known cultures, and therefore the shamanic heritage is in all of us.

It is a complex beliefs and practices occurring within religious systems, which is based on the World’s Triple Division (Lower, Middle and Upper World). The shaman is the central figure in this spiritual system. In order to establish and maintain contact with these worlds, spirits and ancestors, shamans enter trance and ecstatic states to travel to these lands.

In shamanism, the spirit world is as real as the visible reality we live in. The cosmos and the supernatural world are so close to this reality that practicioners and shamans can establish mutual contact.

Shamanism teaches that mankind is part of nature and is interdependent with it. It teaches respect for everything that exists. From shamanic point of view everythin is living in harmony with the rhythm of nature, the phases of the moon, the energy of the sun, planets and stars. It is seeing what has been lost and hidden by the materialistic modern world. Thx to this practce we can rebuild a connection to our heart, our soul, intuition and feeling the flow of life. Shamanism opens up to the invisible, to worlds and other realities that mystics and shamans have always talked about.

This set of paintings shows some of my shamanic practices, journeys, visions and wisdom.