Balay Kalamragan

A special 2012 artist-in-residence programme in traditional visual arts disciplines in a rural area of the Philippines, aiming to increase community awareness towards art. International call.
The Balay Kalamragan (translates to House of Enlightenment in the Waray dialect) is a special artist-in-residence program nestled deep within the grassy plains and lush fields of the rural town of San Miguel, Leyte supervised by the Bahay ng Sining team, with the same objective – to increase community awareness towards art and help make art an integral part of society.
Exhibition in Hotel Lorenza in Tacloban City, Cresco Agriturismo in San Miguel, Leyte, and at the Balay Kalamragan in Caibaan, Tacloban City.
Duration: 6 weeks; October 1- November 15, 2012
Art director: Anna Veloso
Curator:  Izabela Ołdak
Coordinator: Michael Vincent Manalo
Duration:  10 September- 10 November 2012
Description of the project
The most unforgettable is an experience. This project is directed to the artists, who would like to create an art project in collaboration with the local people. It is an opportunity to influence and to be influenced to exchange knowledge and experience. To make people close to each other, to create and share beautiful moments full of creativity and art.
The project can take any form of visual arts like painting, photography, performance, video, action, play, workshops etc. The result could be made in the public space, the natural environment or in the exhibition space. The preferable project for selection are these which will be more site specific and would refer to the folklore, tradition, craftsmanship, mythology.