Art workshops

For over 10 years I am organising and conducting various art workshops for children and for adults. 

The workshops enabling the development of the imagination, the awakening of creativity and the ability to express oneself through art. Enriching itself with psychological content, such workshop art-making morphs into a sort of art therapy. This form of therapy is a spontaneous process of creating things that requires no experience or artistic skills from the participants.

The goals that can be achieved in this way include: regaining mental balance and discharging frustration, depression, stress and tension.

This form of self-expression enriches the inner life of a human being, develops the intellectual faculties and deepens the emotional content of one’s life. It is also involves learning new skills, developing talents, and strengthening imagination and creativity. Using this method with older people boosts their functioning on physical, mental and emotional levels.

If you would like me to conduct a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me.