Redemption is a performance made during the residency at CACiS, El Forn de la Calç de Calders, Spain, 2016.

It is a very personal performance, based on a dream I had one night.

I dreamed of a huge figure of a standing Goddess carved in block of rock/mountain. Streams of fresh blood flowed from the top of the rock, along the narrow groove, running along the body of the Goddess. It was evident that it was a place of worship where many people had gathered. I was the observer of the whole situation. At one point, a woman emerged from the crowd, went to the rock and bathed in that dripping blood, for which she was caught, her body was curled into a ball in rags, so that only her head was sticking out of it. This bundle was rolled into a crowd of people, where anyone could hit and kick it …

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