In the arms of Gaia

In 2016 during my stay at the Artist in residence program at Cacis- Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat, El Forn de la Calç in  Spain I started to make a project  called “In the Arms of Gaia” . The outcome is the series of photographs documenting my ways of finding a place where I could fit, belong, hide, hug or integrate. In this project I am looking for my own place in this realm, and my connection with the Earth, to feel that I am part of Nature and the landscape. That I am safe and loved by Mother Earth.

Most of this pictures were done in magical places like Monserrat mountain, archaeological site of Moia or El Fond les Tapies.

I part of this project, Spain 2016.

Two years later I have returned to this magical place to make the second part of the project. I went to Spain, and I took part in the Artist in residency program again at Cacis Art center. 

This time to make those pictures I was fasting. I only drink water for 7 days, so I could feel much more and deepen my bond with Nature, to be one with it and not to only consume it. 
That was so amazing experience that I can’t find words to describe it. 
On this series, I collaborated with Agnieszka Pakuła and Nuria Ortuño. Thank you with all my heart for your help in implementing the project.

II part of this project, Spain 2018.

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