In this album, you can see artworks from the last years of creativity that coincide with the experience and exploration of femininity and discovering its power by participating and organizing Women’s Circles that restore the power of sisterhood. The power of women who cooperate and support each other.

Until the dawn of time, the Moon gave power to women. It’s the light of the night. Reflection of the Sun’s light – male energy. It illuminates the Earth during its fullness, giving us the power of fertility, growth and abundance. The New Moon, on the other hand, takes us into the darkness to experience the greatest mystery of Death and Rebirth. It is the phenomenon of the cyclical nature of the Moon that links this symbol with femininity, menstruation, fertility, life-giving and the element of Water. The Moon affects the water and regulates its ebb and flow, as it does in our cycles, as long as we manage to synchronize with our satellite.

This issue is complemented by the series of Incarnations, which shows the Goddesses of various mythologies, who fully observe the fights of male animals symbol of rising patriarchal energy rising.

Paintings from this series are available for sale at the Saatchi ArtSingulart and  Ale Sztuka gallery.

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